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Don’t just walk, don’t even run—prance to our tables at GEN CON! Let us whisk you away on an epic quest through the Haunted Woods, where the trees have eyes and the wind whispers secrets. Feeling peckish? Try your hand at crafting the most delectable pies. But beware, if zombies are on your tail, you might want to whip up some less-than-appetizing pastries! And for those with a taste for the bizarre, we’ve got a challenge that’s part comedy, part tragedy: concoct the most outlandish tale inspired by real-life events. We’re all about fun and games here, not the evening news. This year, we’re going big with three full-time tables of “Headless Horseman” and a rotating showcase table with “ZomPie”, “The Pie Game”, and “Darwin Awards. So, don’t be a ghost—join the most hilariously horrifying games at GEN CON. It’s going to be a scream!

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Welcome to 3 Rogues Gaming, where every night is family fun game night. We are excited to bring you fun to play games that you will look forward to playing. In today’s chaotic day to day life, there is a need for games that can bring family and friends together around the table.

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Headless Horseman

We at 3 Rogues Gaming are thrilled to announce the arrival of our highly anticipated Headless Horseman board game! It is with great excitement that we unveil this thrilling and immersive experience, sure to captivate board game enthusiasts and fans of eerie folklore alike. Witness the chilling tale unfold as you navigate through dark forests as Ichabod Crane, and possibly encounter the legendary Headless Horseman himself or become him. Visit our landing page for Headless Horseman to delve deeper into its background, learn a quick overview of how to play, and stay updated with all the latest information. Get ready to embark on a spine-tingling adventure like no other!

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Ichabod Crane

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